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dictd (tgz) dictd (bz2) evolutionary zbedic StarDict rpm TEI XML src
Afrikaans -> GermanFreeDict - no maintainer assigned38000.32014-02-11too small0.08 ------0.10
Afrikaans -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned51000.2.12010-10-24small-------0.11
Arabic -> EnglishArabeyes.org530000.6.22010-10-24stable-------0.57
Breton -> FrenchLois Jammes271850.8.02016-10-08Big enough to be useful-------0.51
Czech -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned4900.2.12010-10-27too small-------0.08
Sorani -> KurmanjiErdal Ronahi 78500.1.12010-11-03stable-------0.37
Welsh -> EnglishKevin Donnelly 130000.2.22010-10-29big enough-------0.21
Danish -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned40000.2.12010-10-25too small-------0.13
German -> EnglishSebastian Humenda810000.3.42014-10-13old upstream version-------1.22
German -> FrenchKarl Bartel304252016-11-202016-11-20-------1.86
German -> ItalianFreeDict - no maintainer assigned44500.1.12014-02-23small-------0.09
German -> KurdishErdal Ronahi 225000.2.12010-11-03stable-------0.33
German -> DutchFreeDict - no maintainer assigned128000.1.12010-10-25small-------0.23
German -> PortugueseFreeDict - no maintainer assigned87400.2.12010-10-27too small-------0.15
German -> SwedishKarl Bartel362762016-11-202016-11-20-------2.25
German -> TurkishErdal Ronahi 380000.2.12010-11-03stable-------0.61
English -> AfrikaansFreeDict - no maintainer assigned64000.1.12010-10-25small-------0.16
English -> ArabicArabeyes.org874000.6.22010-10-29stable-------0.64
English -> CzechMichael Bunk 1500000.1.12010-11-04stable-------2.94
English -> WelshKevin Donnelly 130000.2.22010-10-29big enough-------0.15
English -> GermanSebastian Humenda932900.3.62014-10-13old upstream version-------1.27
English -> Modern GreekPiotr Bański209840.12009-11-09big enough to be useful-------0.54
English -> FrenchFreeDict - no maintainer assigned88000.1.42010-10-25small-------0.25
English -> IrishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned13600.3.12010-10-30too small-------0.07
English -> HindiMichael Bunk 256421.5.22016-03-02low quality-------2.19
English -> CroatianDennis N. 592000.2.12010-10-27stable-------1.20
English -> HungarianFreeDict - no maintainer assigned896500.12014-02-16stable2.91 ------0.00
English -> ItalianFreeDict - no maintainer assigned45000.1.12010-10-25too small-------0.09
English -> LatinFreeDict - no maintainer assigned30000.1.12010-10-24too small-------0.13
English -> LithuanianKęstutis Biliūnas 62550.7.12010-11-01stable-------0.22
English -> DutchFreeDict - no maintainer assigned77000.1.12010-10-24small-------0.20
English -> PolishPiotr Bański163620.12010-05-06big enough to be useful-------0.55
English -> PortugueseRaul Fernandes 157000.2.22010-10-30big enough-------0.41
English -> RomanianPauliuc George 9500.6.12010-11-04too small-------0.07
English -> RussianFreeDict - no maintainer assigned17000.32010-10-24too small0.04 ------0.03
English -> SpanishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned59000.2.12010-10-24small-------0.13
English -> Serbo-CroatianFreeDict - no maintainer assigned6000.1.22010-12-09too small-------0.08
English -> SwedishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned54000.1.12010-10-24small-------0.12
English -> SwahiliBeata Wojtowicz 14500.2.1too small-------0.07
English -> TurkishMichael Bunk 365000.2.12010-11-04unstable-------3.65
French -> BretonDenis Arnaud360170.2.62015-06-17Big enough to be useful-------0.64
French -> GermanKarl Bartel267262016-11-202016-11-20-------0.88
French -> EnglishJohn Darrington85050.3.52014-08-10big enough to be useful-------0.18
French -> DutchFreeDict - no maintainer assigned96000.1.22012-04-27small-------0.27
Scottish Gaelic -> GermanFreeDict - no maintainer assigned2600.1.12010-10-25too small-------0.05
Irish -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned11800.1.22010-10-30too small-------0.06
Irish -> PolishJimmy O'Regan 2800.1.12010-11-01too small-------0.05
Croatian -> EnglishDennis N. 800000.1.12010-10-27stable-------1.25
Hungarian -> EnglishVony Attila 1399350.3.12014-09-14stable-------3.34
Icelandic -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned112190.110 December 2011big enough to be useful-------0.12
Italian -> GermanFreeDict - no maintainer assigned29000.1.12010-10-25too small-------0.12
Italian -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned34000.1.12010-11-03too small-------0.12
Japanese -> GermanDenis Arnaud1095460.2.02016-01-28Big enough to be useful-------0.06
Japanese -> EnglishDenis Arnaud1737470.12016-02-26Big enough to be useful-------7.92
Japanese -> FrenchDenis Arnaud148910.12016-08-29Big enough to be useful-------0.77
Japanese -> RussianDenis Arnaud67420.12016-01-30Too small-------0.37
Khasi -> GermanMichael Bunk 10000.1.22010-12-11too small-------0.09
Khasi -> EnglishMichael Bunk 22000.2.12010-11-01growth stalled (Nov 05)-------0.12
Kurdish -> GermanErdal Ronahi 220000.1.12010-11-04stable-------0.39
Kurdish -> EnglishErdal Ronahi 52000.1.12010-11-04stable-------0.13
Kurdish -> TurkishErdal Ronahi 243000.1.12010-11-04stable-------0.37
Latin -> GermanSebastian Humenda 55011.02016-11-01small0.17 ------0.26
Latin -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned23000.1.12010-10-25too small-------0.08
Lithuanian -> EnglishKęstutis Biliūnas 70300.7.12010-11-01stable-------0.17
Macedonian -> BulgarianFreeDict - no maintainer assigned45460.15 December 2011too small-------0.12
Dutch -> GermanFreeDict - no maintainer assigned172000.1.12010-10-25big enough-------0.49
Dutch -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned227000.1.32013-06-17big enough0.54 ------0.54
Dutch -> FrenchFreeDict - no maintainer assigned167000.1.22016-08-29big enough-------0.39
Norwegian Nynorsk -> Norwegian BokmålFreeDict - no maintainer assigned679870.110 December 2011big-------0.47
Occitan -> CatalanFreeDict - no maintainer assigned166790.110 December 2011big enough to be useful-------0.13
Polish -> IrishJimmy O'Regan 2800.1.12010-11-01too small-------0.05
Portuguese -> GermanFreeDict - no maintainer assigned83000.1.12010-10-25small-------0.22
Portuguese -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned106000.1.12010-10-25small-------0.16
Sanskrit -> GermanMichael Bunk 1000.2.12010-11-01too small-------0.07
Slovak -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned8300.1.12010-11-01too small-------0.08
Spanish -> AsturianFreeDict - no maintainer assigned492520.15 December 2011big enough to be useful-------0.36
Spanish -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned45020.22015-02-27too small-------0.15
Spanish -> PortugueseFred Ulisses Maranhão 3060.22015-05-08too small-------0.05
Serbo-Croatian -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned4000.1.32010-12-09too small-------0.05
Swedish -> GermanKarl Bartel199102016-11-202016-11-20-------0.68
Swedish -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned52000.1.12010-10-25too small-------0.14
Swahili -> EnglishPiotr Bański26750.4.32010-11-02small-------0.09
Swahili -> PolishBeata Wójtowicz13190.2.22011-09-09small-------0.09
Turkish -> GermanFreeDict - no maintainer assigned9500.1.12010-10-25too small-------0.06
Turkish -> EnglishFreeDict - no maintainer assigned10000.2.12010-10-25too small-------0.06
85 dictionaries, 1956274 headwords
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Dictionary Status was marked as 'stable'
Dictionary Status was marked as 'big enough to be useful' (from 10000 entries on)
Dictionary Status was marked as 'too small' (less than 1000 entries)
Dictionary Status was marked as 'low quality'
Dictionary Status was not given or is 'unknown'

The numbers for the platform downloads represent the download sizes in Megabytes. A small 'u' instead of a download link means that the respective dictionary is not supported on that platform. This is currently always due to characters of the dictionary not being encodable or displayable for/on the platform.

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